Atmega8 Frequency counter

A few years ago (4-5?) I bought a ZOPAN KZ1405 frequency generator, and after a few weeks of using it I noticed that the lack of digital readout is a real pain in the...
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DIY Wooden smartphone holder for static movie and timelapse

Video of me creating this simple smartphone holder. Main purpose to build it was to take a timelaps and static shots.
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I just move my entire lab from my apartment to new office… Finalny some space 🙂
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WesternDigital (WD) Green vs. Black

Two HDD, purchased same day about 2 years a go, working 24/7 First one WD Green smartctl -A /dev/sdd | grep "Load_Cycle_Count" 193 Load_Cycle_Count...
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Logitech B605 double click problem repair

Short video about my fix of Logitech B605 wireless mouse. The problem was random “double click” effect, when i hit button once.
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