Adding images into pcb layout with gEDA pcb app.

In this short entry I want to show you my method of adding images into a pcb layout with the pcb application from gEDA package. By default the gEDA package does not support this....
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My gEDA (gschem and xpcb) symbols/footprints collection

Below there is a list of symbols and footprints prepared by me for gschem and xpcb software packages, maybe this will save somebody some...
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Numeric keypad with serial or SPI interface

Today I would like to show and describe you my keypad with serial interface mini project which we can directly connect to mcu UART...
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Modification of the Sauerbraten game (cheating)

In the last days I had a lot of work and, as you probably know, a lot of work means a lot of stress…...
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Atmega8A-PU, MAX232, DS18B20 on special sale at Leniwiec ;-)

Today I am going to be a bit more commercial. Having cleared up my storehouse I found a few components that remained after the...
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