Atmega8A-PU, MAX232, DS18B20 on special sale at Leniwiec ;-)

Today I am going to be a bit more commercial. Having cleared up my storehouse I found a few components that remained after the production of small series. I have 100 pcs of Atmega8A-PU, 100 pcs of MAX232 RS232 converters and 100 pcs of DS18B20 temperature sensors for sale. MAX232 and Atmega8A-PU in DIP package and DS18B20 in TO92 package. The price list is shown below. If you have any questions or doubts… go ahead and write me!

ATMega8A-PU, DS18B20, MAX232

Części na sprzedaż - real foto

  • Atmega8A-PU – $2,90
  • DS18B20 – $1,45
  • MAX232 – $1,00

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