Rotary shaft encoder: how to connect it and handle it with AVR (ATmega8/16/32/168/328)

Some time ago I wrote an article about using a rotary shaft encoder (Budujemy cyfrowy zasilacz – enkoder obrotowy w praktyce – sorry only polish version), but it was a very specific situation, in...
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How to install Adobe Air on 64bit Ubuntu 14.04LTS

In ubuntu 13.10 the ia32-libs package has been removed, and because of that installing any 32 bit app on 64 bit is not as...
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Ubuntu 14.04LTS optimization for SSD (Solid State Drive)

Two days ago I replaced my hard drive in laptop with a new solid state drive, and switched to the new Ubuntu 14.04LTS release....
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eSvn 0.7.0 Qt4 binary package for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

eSvn was missing in new Ubuntu 14.04LTS so I create my own binary package for eSvn 0.7.0. Below you can download it 😉 Download:...
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