eSvn 0.7.0 Qt4 binary package for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

eSvn was missing in new Ubuntu 14.04LTS so I create my own binary package for eSvn 0.7.0. Below you can download it 😉 Download: esvn_0.7.0_amd64.deb
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KORAD KA3005D silent fan hack

So finally the warranty for my two KORAD KA3005D power supplies had ended, and I could at last modify them to make them a...
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Hello everyone in 2014!

It’s been ages since I last wrote anything here (well.. a year and a half?!). Lots of things happened in 2013 both in my...
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Adding images into pcb layout with gEDA pcb app.

In this short entry I want to show you my method of adding images into a pcb layout with the pcb application from gEDA...
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My gEDA (gschem and xpcb) symbols/footprints collection

Below there is a list of symbols and footprints prepared by me for gschem and xpcb software packages, maybe this will save somebody some...
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