Numeric keypad with serial or SPI interface

Today I would like to show and describe you my keypad with serial interface mini project which we can directly connect to mcu UART (for me it was Atmega8 and Atmega32, but you can...
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Atmega8A-PU, MAX232, DS18B20 on special sale at Leniwiec ;-)

Today I am going to be a bit more commercial. Having cleared up my storehouse I found a few components that remained after the...
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Huawei e173 + BlueConnect + UBUNTU in 5 minutes

Recently I needed to have a mobile internet connection in my notebook. And as I got a borrowed BlueConnect (Polish telecom product) with the...
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Additional audio input Creative Inspire T3000 mod

In this post I would like to describe my mod for Creative Inspire T3000 2.1 system. My problem was that I was unable to...
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8-channel relay card

This project was created as part of my home automatics system. It is a relay card controlled from the PC over a RS-232 port....
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